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Parental Advisory

We work hard to make the best comics we can, but we don't tailor them to any specific age group. While some stories are appropriate for children, others certainly are not. Use the handy table below to figure out which stories might not be right for your kids:

Great For Kids
Skies are Falling
Rurban Sprawl
Strength in Numbers
Moments of Elation
Shades of Purple
The Myth of Midigan (cartoon violence)
Dire Voir (adult themes)
Not So Great For Kids
Transmissions (profanity, violence)
Jailing Fortune (profanity, graphic violence)
Rising Up (graphic violence)
Door to Door (adult themes)
Filter Dregs (death, adult themes)
Worst Case Scenario (scary)
Unwelcome Emissary (violence, adult themes)
Hard Lessons (profanity, violence)
Duuuuude (drugs)

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