• Caption Contest Winners

    Here are the winners of our caption contest, in order of which made me laugh the most:

    Excision means "to cut out". Incision just means "to cut".

    I knew a guy like that once, he tried to sell me home insurance for a house I don't own.

    I forgot to put a caption for this image.

    Good job, ya'll get a t-shirt... you have to share it.... just kidding, you can all have your own.

    And an honorable mention to LLAMAMiLK, who made a funny caption but didn't submit an image:

    1. The air echoed with a moistening silence as the nightly membrane health check commenced, the father of the family had started with his eldest and wisest son.

    2. As the silence stayed quite moist, an overpowering growl of hunger shouted from the depths of the fathers mucus forefront as he found something out of place.

    3. There appears to be a giant decadent white blob on you my herring son. You may have the first bite.

    That's two people who thought that fish was a herring... I don't buy it.


  • Our first table at San Diego Comic Con

    Carpe Chaos had a table at the biggest comic convention in the United States, and Wikipedia says it's the fourth largest in the world after Comiket (Japan), Angoulême International Comics Festival (France), and Lucca Comics and Games (Italy). It was just a small press table, but exhibiting at Comic Con has been one of our goals from the very beginning and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment that we finally made it!

    From left to right: Anthony, Chuck, Eric, Helmut, and Rielatal Vihnress at our table on Preview night.

    Depending on when you came to our table you could have met me, Eric, Anthony, Joe, and/or Leo. We split table responsibilities so we could also have time to explore the show. Most exhibitors were stuck at their tables all convention so we were really lucky to be able to share table responsibilities.

    Printed Jailing Fortune comics!

    To prepare for the show we printed a ton of Jailing Fortune comics (see image to the right) and the story looks spectacular in print. The colorful art style jumps out of the pages and leaving the books open on our table really drew people over. For all those that bought a copy, Chapter 3 is coming in August! We also handed out 1,000 Pieca Porg papercraft sheets (Pieca being one of the two main characters from Jailing Fortune) and we ran out about halfway through Saturday. You can still get a digital copy if you donate at least a dollar to our project, and for all those that have one and need help assembling it, just go here for step-by-step instructions with pictures!

    The best part of the show for me was all of the people we met. Thanks to all of the fans that stopped by! I finally met Jason Brubaker of reMIND in person, which was great, and he helped me get some Carpe Chaos flyers onto the freebie table upstairs. The creators of Valkyrie Squadron, Spy6teen, and The Bean stopped by, and it's always great to see Scott from Diablo Productions whose table was right around the corner from us. I finally met Audrey from Graphicly, and our neighbors at the Hangboy table were really great too. I met a senior engineer at Adobe that works on Photoshop, which was super cool because we got to talk to him about our favorite parts of the software and work some feature requests into the conversation. He even bought two of our posters, including the Moments of Elation scroll. Thanks Chris!

    We got to see some celebrities up-close, which is one of the cool things about Comic Con. Tonatzin Mondragon ("Lemuria") from the reality show Who Wants to Be a Superhero stopped by our table and I think we impressed her with our stuff! Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons and Futurama) stopped by the Hangboy table next to us and paid some really kind compliments to the artist Pao, which was also great to see.

    Since the show we have been featured in at least two blogs so far. Here are links to the ones I know about: One, Two. I'll get some more photos up on our facebook page soon but until then I have one more for you:


    UPDATE: More photos are up on Facebook here (click).

  • Porg Papercraft Instructions

    Just a quick note to everyone that got a Porg Papercraft model at our table this weekend: Please go here for assembly instructions: CarpeChaos.com/pieca. Enjoy!



    We have a table at the largest comics convention in the country for the first time. It's not our first convention but all the same it's a huge accomplishment for us to be there behind a table, presenting our stuff. Depending on when you visit our table you'll be able to meet me, Eric, Anthony, Joe, and/or Jim. Here's the image that you've already seen on the front page that has all the necessary information to find us:

    News about page updates: Because the convention will be our solitary focus for the next few days and because our automated method of posting pages (known as Jason Bane to most) will be pretty darn occupied, we aren't posting a new page of Midigan this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We'll resume updates on Monday, finish Midigan on the 1st (like always), and then start running chapter 3 of Jailing Fortune a few days after that.

    In the meantime, have you checked out the stuff on our wiki? You can read the article we posted on Saturday about Turikasuul Physiology and Anatomy by clicking here, if you're interested. There's easily a few updates' worth of reading to soak in if you aren't able to visit us at the show! But come visit us at the show too!


  • Carpe Chaos on other people's websites (again)

    Every time I find someone featuring Carpe Chaos online I cherish it, because we are not popular enough for it to happen very often. I save the links and revisit them when I am feeling down. If you're the type of person who loves Carpe Chaos SO MUCH that you actually read our blog, well, maybe you'll enjoy these links as much as I do:




    P.S. We'll be at San Diego Comic Con next week at table L-6 in the small press area. COME VISIT US.

  • HOWTO: Using Vector tools to create comic bubbles

    We needed to use vector shapes as our dialog bubbles in one of our upcoming comics, codename: Midigan, so I threw together a sloppy guide in case our artist, Joe, didn't how to make them. It's a little ugly, but I figured I'd share it with you guys anyway:



  • I loled.

    Gaberiel on our facebook page made me laugh with his entry to our write your own comic punchline contest:

    Mistakes Were Made:

    (click for high res)

    So far that's the best entry I've seen, so if you think you can do better, the contest is still open! Get yourself a t-shirt!

  • Trading Tales: The Myth of Midigan Chapter 1 is now complete!

    Yep. All 15 pages of Trading Tales: The Myth of Midigan Chapter 1 are now live on the site! Check it out on the comic timeline page here.

    Chapter 2 will begin in a few days.


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