• APE 2011: Complete!

    I'm still exhausted from the show but I've got to tell you how APE went! So, here is how APE went!

    Our table display with our new slick banners and the first three chapters of Jailing Fortune!

    This was my second year at APE, and my first time doing a show solo. APE is pretty big for an indie show, and it was all I could do to keep from wandering the convention floor and stay behind my table. Luckily I was adjacent to Dale Wilson and Khalid Birdsong from The Antidote Trust, so THROUGH THE POWER OF COOPERATION I was able to take a couple of breaks and see at least little bit of the show. With all the art at these shows I'm running out of wall space at home, which is becoming a serious problem!

    Dale Wilson of DWAP Productions
    and Magnificent Creatures

    I had two new, fancy, retractable banners as my backdrops, and they came out looking really great. I think our table came off looking more professional than ever, but at the expense of our beloved Chuck. Yes, this was our first show without Chuck behind our table. It was a tough decision but given that he hasn't appeared in any stories yet and likely won't be in any stories for another year at least, we decided to go with a cleaner look. But don't get too broken up about it, because we're looking into possibly adding him to our store soon. I'll post a note if we manage to pull that off.

    I had a couple of other new things to show off besides the backdrops, too. We got our bookmarks in time for the show, and they came out really well! The 5 designs all looked great. I suspect some people took the bookmark with the Turikasuul sacrifice graphic without realizing what it was, which could make for some funny "WTF" moments later when they take a closer look. I find that notion pretty hilarious. The other cool thing we had was Jailing Fortune #3, which had an additional scene which won't be added to carpechaos.com for a month or two yet. SNEAK PREVIEW!

    I didn't have either of our long scrolls on display, which probably has something to do with why I didn't sell any. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to display those, because they're too long to spread across the table! We did sell books though, both the Jailing Fortune floppies and some of our remaining stock of Carpe Chaos: Ignition books. And if people are reading our comics, whatever the format, I can't complain!

    I handed out a ton of Porg Papercraft models, which were a big hit. Nearly everyone seemed interested in assembling one. At this rate I may need to make another design... By the way, if you're looking for instructions on putting it together, you need only click here. And if you made one, upload a photo to our facebook page!

    As always I met a ton of cool people, had great conversations, and met people who were already familiar with our stuff that gave some good feedback on what we were doing and why they liked it. Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by and said hello. We're forging ahead with new comics and we hope to continue to impress you! Joe Slucher's chapter 3 of Midigan will start going up on Thursday, and after that it's on to the final chapter of Jailing Fortune in November!

    One last note: our next convention will be the new Comikaze Expo on November 5th and 6th. Eric will be there sharing a booth with a couple of Antidote Trust folks, so if you're in the LA area check out the show and stop by our booth!

    Sup guys. I'm Jason, and this is my comic book project.


  • Carpe Chaos News Roundup (September 30th, 2011)

    What's happening with Carpe Chaos? Let me tell you:

    • APE starts tomorrow! I'll be there on both days sitting at table 433, which I've marked on this map so you can very easily find me:

      Look like you'll have to click on this to be able to read it...

      I'll be handing out a free bookmark and Pieca Porg papercraft model to everyone that stops by. And in addition to selling all of our regular stuff we'll have floppy copies of Jailing Fortune chapters 1, 2, and for the first time, 3! Take in this low-quality jpeg of the cover:

      Yeah! A yellow #3! But there's more: This version has FIVE ADDITIONAL PAGES that we haven't yet released on the site. So if you want to know what happens after Nate flees the scene of his crime, you might want to buy one!

    • The coloring contest is over and if you want to see who won, just click here!
    • I made some changes to the blog. The "read more" links were really hard to see, so instead of abbreviating each post on a single page I expanded them all out again and organized the blog into pages. Now the blog makes more sense to everyone that never noticed those links!
    • The last page of Reinvention will go up tomorrow, finishing off Juljak's story. Then we'll be busy with APE but afterward it's onward to chapter 3 of The Myth of Midigan, which I can tell you is looking really good.
    • We're working on plenty of other stuff, like getting the next wiki article ready, getting Reinvention and Jailing Fortune Chapter 3 into Graphicly, and a couple of things I can't mention yet, but most of our time lately has been going into making comics and getting Jailing Fortune Chapter 3 printed. I'll post another update when I've got something more to report!

    See you at APE!


  • Coloring Contest Winners!

    The Winner Is...

    The contest is over, and we have a winner! Congratulations to Alexandru Bucur (wingsofwrath on DeviantArt), who had this to say about his entry:

    Here is my entry:

    I took the liberty of interpreting some of the visuals, but for the most part I tried to keep to the look of the original page in terms of materials, colour palette, etc.

    The one mistake I've done was to represent the area between the two cell doors as a stretch of flat wall, when in the earlier page the same area also contains a buttress. Well, maybe I should have paid more attention to the previous page as well, but it's a bit late now...

    Also, since I lacked the "alien" (Ëru?) script, I replaced it with a typeface I created for one of my own projects.



    Congratulations Alex! We'll be sending you a T-shirt!

    Runners Up

    Second and third place go to Huxley Dunsany and Aaron Fujiyama, respectively. Here's Huxley's, done with oil pastels on paper:

    And here's Aaron's, also done with oil pastels on paper. Looks like the explosion takes out the lights for pink Pieca:

    Congratulations, you both get a T-shirt too!

    Humorable Mentions

    I got a couple of chuckles from these. John Su submitted this image with the following:

    "Look at my big butt!" said the turtle ninja
    "It has eyes!"

    Yes, it does kind of look like Raphael when you color it that way!

    And Daniel Salzedo submitted this:

    Here you go. I added some dinosaurs because dinosaurs make everything cool.

    I am pretty sure it's not an original work... Anyone know where it's from? I did a TinEye search and couldn't find any matches.

    Thanks to everyone who entered! Winners, I've sent you emails asking you for your T-shirt choices and mailing addresses. Everyone else, a quick update: APE is coming up this weekend, and in the meantime we're scrambling to get Midigan Chapter 3 done in time for October! And check back for the ending to Reinvention on October 1st too!


  • Joe Slucher at Cincinnati Comic Expo tomorrow

    Joe Slucher, the Carpe Chaos artist behind Door to Door, The Myth of Midigan, and more will be at the Cincinnati Comic Expo tomorrow, September 17th!

    He'll be there selling prints of his artwork as well as copies of Carpe Chaos: Ignition for anyone that wants one. The show is only for one day, so don't wait until Sunday because it will be over by then!


  • Carpe Chaos News Roundup (September 5th, 2011)

    Time for another news dump:

    • Our coloring contest is underway! If you didn't see my last post, click here for everything you need to enter and possibly win a Carpe Chaos T-shirt!
    • Jailing Fortune's third chapter is done and posted and live and free to read, which means there's only one chapter left! We're hoping to have copies of chapter 3 for sale in time for APE, but it's not a sure thing yet. I'll post again to let you know if we'll have them! We're tentatively planning to finish Jailing Fortune during the month of November, with all 4 chapters of the story becoming available on December 1st. Meanwhile in October, if everything goes according to plan, we'll have the third chapter of Joe Slucher's Midigan.
    • Continuing backward to now we're getting ready to premiere the first page of a new story tomorrow. Here's the cover, to whet your appetites:

      This story is monumental for at least 2 reasons:

      • This is the first Carpe Chaos story to credit Ted Anderson as a writer, and I think when you read it you'll be able to detect an exciting new flavor. Ted's been working for a while in the background as a, well, background writer, helping us build the Carpe Chaos universe. He has a real passion for comics, and the story we created is a product of that passion.
      • This is Daniel Allen's first comic since the 87-page Rising Up, and even more than his previous stories the artwork of Reinvention blows me away whenever I look at it. This comic looks BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to show it off!

    • I figured out what the back of our bookmarks will look like. The design is not very original but I think it looks nice:

      I'll be giving them out to anyone that comes to see me at APE next month, along with our card flyers and more Pieca Papercrafts! Hope to see you there!


  • Coloring Contest!

    To celebrate the completion of the third chapter of Jailing Fortune, I'm launching our first-ever coloring contest! Basically what I did was chop off the last panel from page 2 of Jailing Fortune and delete all of the color layers. Making comics digitally is the greatest, because otherwise how could we have gotten this image?

    If you color the above image and send us a link to the digital copy, you'll be entering our coloring contest. The artists and I will choose our favorites, and the chosen colorists will win a free Carpe Chaos T-shirt! It's basically just like Eric's caption contest. For a large version of the image (recommended!) you can download the full-res PNG (flat) version of this image here, or you can download the PSD (Photoshop file) with all of the color layers missing here. The Photoshop file is kind of a mess because I didn't bother to clean up or organize the remaining layers, but hopefully if you're familiar with Photoshop it won't be too hard to figure out what's what. You can also check this image for a reference of what Pieca's eye pattern and face spots look like up close.

    Just in case you need it, here is Anthony Cournoyer's original coloring job:

    How to Enter

    1. Color the above image however you like.
    2. Produce a jpeg, png, or gif of your final version.
    3. Upload that final file someplace.
    4. Use the contact form on our site to enter, use the "General Questions & Comments" category, and make sure you provide the following information:
      • Your name, or at least how you would like to be credited.
      • A link to your entry, so we can download and admire it.
      • An email address we can use to contact you if you win, to get your address and shirt selection.

    We plan to post some or all of the entries on our site, facebook, DeviantArt, etc., so don't submit an entry if you don't it to be shared! Good luck!


  • Carpe Chaos News Roundup (August 20th, 2011)

    Hi everyone! Again! Here's all the stuff that's been going on the past few weeks:

    • You may have noticed that the slides on the front page have grown in number and in quality. It could even be that this one that led you here:

      What race is that??? ;-) Thanks to the expertise of graphic designer Christopher Kosek, we've got a number of slides and templates we can use to attractively call your attention to things like new pages, new blog posts, our wiki, our store, and our different social media stations! A comic using visuals instead of words to communicate. Fancy that.

    • As I said on Twitter a few days ago: "After a whole lot of hullabaloo, we've successfully switched over our site so that the default comic viewer is the HTML one instead of Flash." It was true when I said it and it's still true now. We thought the Flash viewer was the coolest thing in the world when we launched the site, but it turns out more of our fans prefer the simpler, less flashy, faster HTML option. So we switched 'em up. Now the Flash viewer is the secondary choice. You can always set your preferences differently if you create an account, and if you already set your preferences don't worry because they should have been preserved. If you find any bugs with the change please let us know!
    • We posted another of our detailed background articles on our wiki last week. This time it's all about the Kaeans:

      Click the image to learn about how these creatures survive in the microgravity on The Oursal, the ring of planet Bairyth!

    • Jailing Fortune Chapter 3 has been chugging right along. We're right on track to finish it on the first of September, as promised and as usual. As I've been uploading the pages I've been updating our DeviantArt gallery with scraps and concepts from the making of Chapter 3 like this character sheet:

      Porg bodies are all the same shape, plus or minus fatness, so their character concepts are often just faces like these. If you want to see more, just click the image to visit our DA page!

    • APE's still coming up! Gonna be great!


  • Carpe Chaos News Roundup (August 6th, 2011)

    Hey everybody! I've got some news for you....

    • Midigan Chapter 2 made it into Graphicly last week! You can find it here: http://graphicly.com/carpe-chaos/carpe-chaos-midigan/2
    • And of course, Midigan Chapter 2 finished on CarpeChaos.com on Monday, August 1st. That story will most likely resume at the beginning of October.
    • This month we're back to Jailing Fortune Chapter 3! Pieca and Fortunate have made it to the city, but now what? They may be out of the woods but they're not out of danger. The schedule for this month is to update with a new page every other day, with the chapter finishing on September 1st.
    • There's a new 22''x16'' poster for sale in the store!

      Daniel Allen finished this—the third landscape in our homeworld series. You might have noticed it on display in the pictures of us from San Diego Comic Con. This one shows a couple of Kaeans and plenty of native wildlife on The Oursal, which is the planetary ring the Kaeans call home. It's available in the store for only $25! And if you want to know more about where the Kaeans come from, we have an article on our wiki that can teach you a thing or two about it.

    • I'm thinking of making some bookmarks for future shows to give away alongside our promotional card flyer things. Here are the designs I think we're gonna go with for the fronts:

      Pretty cool eh? The harder part is designing the backs...

    • Speaking of future shows, APE is less than two months away! It's October 1 and 2 in San Francisco and I'll be there, selling comics and handing out Papercraft sheets. You can always keep up on what shows we'll be at by checking the Conventions page. I hope you can make it out!


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