Carpe Chaos News Roundup (March 14th, 2012)


  • Our Kickstarter campaign is ⅔ over but not even at ⅓ of the required funding. As I write this we're sitting at 29% and I'm hoping that you guys will be able to help. Please tell your friends about the Kickstarter campaign! The book will be so amazing if we get the chance to make it!
  • WonderCon starts Friday in Anaheim and I will be there all 3 days at small press table 59. Eric will be joining me on Saturday too. I'll be selling all the same stuff PLUS our 6 wallpapers as posters and all four chapters of Jailing Fortune in print! If you go, come see me for a free papercraft model! We have a Kaean one now too :-)

And now for your regularly scheduled news bulletins:

  • In addition to the Graphicly apps, our entire Jailing Fortune story is now available for Android phones and the Barnes & Noble Nook directly. Pretty cool, right? And only $2.99. If we sell a significant amount, we'll consider publishing more of our comics this way. Here are the links:
  • Midigan Chapter 4 and Unwelcome Emissary haven't been added to Graphicly yet. But they will both be there in a few days, hopefully!
  • The final part of my making comics checklist was posted to last month. Here's the article!
  • We've started Transmissions, which is really big news. Unlike all of our stories so far, Transmissions is huge. The first volume will be 4 chapters, and then following volume 1 we'll dive into volume 2 and then 3. Anthony Cournoyer is rocking it harder than he's ever rocked it before, and the story is full of gun battles, spaceship wars, and oh-so-much suspense. This is the blockbuster Carpe Chaos story we've been planning for a long time, so check it out! Chapter 1 finishes at the end of this month and then we'll be posting chapter 2 right away during April!
  • Do you remember all those Carpe Chaos wallpapers we gave you for Christmas? Now you can get some physical copies! We've turned all 6 of them into posters and they are now live in our web store in the Posters category. Here's the link.
  • I must mention our Kickstarter campaign again. Please help us spread the word! Here are some of the blogs that have featured us so far:

    I've been posting updates to the Kickstarter campaign with additional artwork, messages from the artists that work on Carpe Chaos, and more. One particularly cool update included a video of Eric interview footage that didn't make the final video cut:

    If there's anything you can do to help us spread the word about our Kickstarter before it expires, please help! Thank you!


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