Carpe Chaos News Roundup (December 22th, 2011)

The holidays are here, and for me that means VACATION TIME! But before I go, let me catch you up:

  • Jailing Fortune is done! Man, it feels great to finish that story. Four chapters and 84 pages later, the action, drama, and profanity have come to a close. And that means that Anthony Cournoyer is ready to move onto another, even bigger, even more action-packed story that we hope to debut early next year. More details on that coming soon. And I wouldn't be surprised if Nate turns up in another story someday.
  • So maybe you noticed you didn't get a new chapter in December, because Chapter 4 of Jailing Fortune started in November and its updates were stretched up until now. And now you're probably noticing that we're taking the last week of this month off, returning in January. Yes, it's vacation time for Carpe Chaos. But to make up for it we made SIX FREE DESKTOP WALLPAPERS to help everyone last until our next chapter in January.

    Yes, for your downloading pleasure we have created two desktop wallpapers from Rising Up, two desktop wallpapers from Jailing Fortune, and two desktop wallpapers from The Myth of Midigan. The Rising Up ones were done by Daniel Allen, the Jailing Fortune ones were made by Anthony Cournoyer, and of course the Midigan wallpapers were created by Joe Slucher, the same artists that drew each story, respectively. Enjoy! And if you like any of them enough, they'll all be available as posters in the store in just a few days.

  • I set up FeedBurner for our blog! This means you can click this little animated GIF, , and by doing so get both chapter updates (once per month) and blog updates in your feed reader. You can also use it to get an email every time that happens! Looking at our update history, it would mean something like 4 emails a month, or so. Not too spammy, right?
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  • I might have gotten a little carried away when setting up FeedBurner, because I got a bunch of other widgets for our blog too. You can see them all in the column on the left. DeviantArt didn't have one so I just took a screenshot of their page and made it an image link. Jerks.
  • One thing I did that was cool was add a ShareThis thingamajigger to the bottom of the main site at Hopefully this will make it easier to share Carpe Chaos, now that we are a fully mature web-based graphic novel series (webcomic for short) that has been updating regularly for 19 months now.
  • Got some convention news. We were confirmed for both WonderCon and Comic Con in 2012! Our table number in San Diego will be Q 13 in the small press area, and they didn't tell us our WonderCon table number yet. But that will also be in the small press area. WonderCon is in Anaheim this year, but the people at Comic Con International promised me that WonderCon will come back to San Francisco in 2013. You can get the latest on our Convention appearance schedule by checking our conventions page.
  • You might have noticed that the front page of the website looks a little different. That's because a few days ago we updated the site to remove the mini-descriptions from the New Chapters column. Really what we did was gain the ability to put different "teaser" text there, which we are working on. It's such a small space...
  • Another of my articles made it onto Here's the link, it's about what I look for when reviewing Carpe Chaos comic word balloons, pretty much.
  • So the new wiki article that I keep mentioning about the Porg's homeworld. Yes. It's still waiting on Eric, but since he's such a big man over at Red 5 Studios working on Firefall now, he's had to prioritize making Carpe Chaos comics over other "extra" stuff, like releasing more universe information on our wiki. At this point I think it's fair to say the public wiki project is on hold, unless, you know, you guys want to start adding information to it. Which we are hoping will happen, someday. If you want to get us to release the canon "citation" article we have about the Porg's home planet, the best thing to do is to contact Eric using our contact form here or tweet a plea with @EcnaEcna in your tweet. If he sees enough interest from fans, he'll be more motivated to stop drooling over the Firefall cosplay he likes so much and review and post the article!
  • Publishing schedule update! Our next story will start somewhere around January 5th, give or take a day or two. Depending on production schedules, either January or February will be the month for Midigan Chapter 4. The other Jan/Feb comic is called Unwelcome Emissary, a one-shot, 28-page comic written by Eric Carter and illustrated by Daniel Allen. And it's looking freaking awesome. Here's a preview:

    Kaeans in strength suits! So awesome!

See you all next year,


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