Carpe Chaos News Roundup (November 24th, 2011)

Happy Thanksgiving! I got you all a whole bunch of brand new news:

  • Comikaze happened, and it went really well! Eric was there, and you can read what he thought of his experience in his blog post here. He was also interviewed by "Code Name: Epic" and thoroughly impressed the interviewer. I put the interview video on the blog here.
  • I mentioned in my last news update that I was working on a new wiki article for our wiki. The good news is that I finished it! The bad news is that Eric hasn't finished redacting all of the sensitive information, what with Comikaze and all. With any luck it will be up soon!
  • Reinvention is now in Graphicly! Here's what it looks like in Graphicly's web widget thing:

  • Chapter 3 of Jailing Fortune is now also in Graphicly! AND HERE IS YOUR PROOF:

  • As I mentioned last month, I contributed an article to the blog on about the flow of a comics page, and things I look out for when reviewing Carpe Chaos pages. Here's the link! If you're actively making comics or thinking about starting, there is a ton of helpful information on that site and I would 100% recommend reading the posts there! Their podcasts are also pretty interesting, at least for me. I hope to keep contributing articles as I find the time. Here's their banner:
  • Google Buzz is going away, so I made Carpe Chaos a Google+ page! If you add it to your circles then you should get updates with it, just like on Facebook. My plan is to update the Google+ page any time I update the Facebook page, because I don't really understand how they're different.
  • The new version of the Carpe Chaos Webstore has always had the option to pay with Google Checkout, but now there is an icon on left to let people know it's an option.

    We should have added it when we launched the new version of the store, but at least we got around to it now, right? :-).
  • I signed us up for the link exchange and webcomic reader site Ink Outbreak, so if you use that site make sure you follow us! I also made this cool banner for it:

    There are no humans in Carpe Chaos, get it? My sense of humor. Anyway our RSS feed only updates when a new chapter is completed, which is on the first day of each month, so our banners might not get "bumped" very often even though we update with new pages all the time. Eric is looking into whether we can build an RSS feed that updates whenever a new page goes up, so we can use it with their site. I'm not sure whether we'll be able to, and our comics aren't written to be read page-by-page, but if we manage to get something working then people that use Ink Outbreak will see us at the top of their lists more often. Being on that site also means you can follow us if you have an account! Here's the button, to make it real easy for you :-)

    I've also added the link exchange box to the left-hand column of the blog, and as an advertisement in our HTML comic viewer's ad pages rotation. By the way, if you want to advertise with Carpe Chaos by putting full-page ads in our comic viewer, get in touch with us!
  • Jailing Fortune Chapter 4 is moving along nicely and is scheduled to finish on December 22nd, making the final page count for the story 84. Another great story finished. Usually we finish new chapters on the first of each month but after putting out a new comic chapter every month for 18 months solid we're all taking a well-earned vacation at the end of December. On the one hand you won't be getting a new December chapter, but on the other hand we have some cool freebies planned that will go up just in time for the December holidays. Just our way of making it up to you, the loyal fan, as we gear up for 2012!
  • -Jason

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